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Do Muslims believe in heaven?


Have they not considered that Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth and was not tired by their creation, is able to give life to the dead? Aye! He has surely power over all things. Surah 46:33

The Koran believes that Allah has the power to give life to the dead. It makes many statements about Paradise or the afterlife for believers, detailing some of the activities that will occur.

These it is for whom are gardens of perpetuity beneath which rivers flow, ornaments shall be given to them therein of bracelets of gold, and they shall wear green robes of fine silk and thick silk brocade interwoven with gold, reclining therein on raised couches; excellent the recompense and goodly the resting place. Surah 18:31

According to the Koran, heaven is a place of relaxation, good food, fine clothing and companionship. Surah 18:31 says you will receive everything you want.

Throughout the Koran we read that heaven will contain:
  • Men and women
  • Streams (waters of Tasnim)
  • Gardens (four of them)
  • Ornaments (bracelets)
  • Vineyards
  • Robes of silk (green) with fine embroidery
  • Couches (thrones) arranged in rows
  • Green, silken cushions and fine carpets
  • Food: fruit, meat, fowl
  • Pure nectar
  • Trees (palm, pomegranate, banana)
  • Gushing fountain (Camphor fountain, Salsabil fountain of ginger-flavored water)
  • Towering mansions
  • Gates and gate keepers
  • Allah on his throne and angels
  • Golden dishes and cups
  • Bowls and cups of wine
  • Spouses
  • Rivers of milk
  • Rivers of wine
  • Rivers of honey
  • Handsome young male servants
  • High bosomed companions
They will eat and drink whatever they want and never get a hangover.

For them is a Sustenance determined, Fruits (Delights); and they (shall enjoy) honour and dignity, In Gardens of Felicity, Facing each other on Thrones (of Dignity): Round will be passed to them a Cup from a clear-flowing fountain, Crystal-white, of a taste delicious to those who drink (thereof), Free from headiness (no headaches); nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom. Surah 37:41-47

Heaven is described as a party for Muslims, with couches, good food and wine and beautiful companions.