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Are we the only people God created?

If another race exists, God created it. Now, are we the only people in this universe. . .we don’t know.

The universe is extraordinarly big. Like billions of galaxies big. Could another civilization exist? Our planet has so many factors that make it sustainable for life. The odds of another planet having those qualities is very low. However, with billions of other galaxies, maybe there’s one.
Is God’s love big enough to handle another race of people. . .sure.

To qualify as a “person” those creations would probably need to be close to us in our intelligence, desire and characteristics. God makes people in his image. We are the perfect examples of his creation. Little green men with ray guns don’t seem to be God’s image.

If we all had one spirit, we would desire to know one another and live in harmony because of our united love of God. If this other planet did not love God, God would wipe them out, as he did with the people in Noah’s time. They wouldn’t be a hostile planet for long.

Also keep in mind that Jesus never mentions another race and it seems plausible that he would.